If God himself couldn’t save his own devotees what can poor C B Naidu do?: Ram Gopal Verma

ram gopal varmaRam Gopal Varma, who is no stranger to controversy, recently created quite a stir amongst Twitter users when he sent out a tweet regarding the Puskar stampede. In it, the ‘Rangeela’ director stated that he was baffled by god’s inability to save his loyal devotees.

He tweeted as: “Why din’t God stop those poor devotees from being killed in pushkaras..is it becos they prayed lesser than other devotees who stayed alive?.”

He further tweeted as: “For the pushkara deaths How come everybody blames only Poor C B Naidu and nobody blames God?.”

Varma also added that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu could not be blamed for the mishap. Interestingly, several members from the political fraternity agreed with the filmmaker, stating that it would indeed be inappropriate to indulge in a blame game regarding the stampede.