Bigg Boss 2 was not bigg success as Bigg Boss 1

Despite the latest host Nani’s best efforts, critics are writing it off comparing it to NTR’s super successful stint in first season.

Clueless contestants are making it all the more uninteresting by playing it without any game plan.

Most of the contestants are not putting any thought behind nominations. Although everyone in the house is aware about the ‘trio’ Taneesh-Tejaswi-Samrat trying to take authority over the house, none of them were nominated by other contestants for second week’s eliminations.

Of course, Samrat has the shield of captaincy, but Tejaswi and Taneesh could have easily been in the nominations already for their dirty tactics.

Even the viewers are waiting to vote against them if they are nominated for eviction. But majority of the house members have nominated mostly the weak contestants who will be evicted now or anytime soon.

Season 2 of Telugu version already pales in comparison with Tamil version’s Bigg Boss that has popular personalities in the house.