Pawan Kalyan’s speech at “Seemandhra Hakkula Chaitanya Sabha” in Anantapur on Thursday is full of rhetoric. In stentorian speech, Pawan has hit out at both BJP in Centre and TDP in State for delaying the Special Category Status that had been promised to the state before elections.

103Pawan made several embarrassing comments on BJP and TDP on various issues. Unlike before, Pawan has done some homework and gone deep and even stated few figures stated by the leaders of BJP and put them in a spot.

Political Force Jana Sena Emerges from the demand for Special Category Status of Andhra Pradesh.

– Vast difference in the figures of financial help to State from Centre quoted by Arun Jaitley and Venkaiah Naidu.

10– Andhra Pradesh was divided unilaterally by closing the doors. Why the division is announced in the midnight?

– Special Status is like a drop of Elixir to a drought-hit region like Anantapur.

–  I kept my love on family aside and supported TDP and BJP only hoping that funds would   be allotted to Anantapur.

– For You (BJP, TDP), Special Category Status might be an Ended Issue.

102– Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says Rs 2,03,000 Crore being granted to AP. Whereas Venkaiah Naidu says Centre is giving Rs 2,25,000 Crore. There’s a huge Rs 23,000 Crore difference.

– Centre is talking as if it’s doing special favour to the State. What Centre is giving is our right.

– I have huge respect on PM Narendra Modi that he would guide Nation in right way. But that can’t stop Me from questioning him when injustice is being meted out to                                                                                                  Our State.

– I have studied extensively on the Special Category Status such that I even got eye-site.

– My straight question to Sujana Chowdary. Your promises of Special Package are only on “Paper”. It has no existence in real.