will be back- DONALD TRUMP

US President Donald Trump on Saturday (local time) said that he will be “back soon” to finish the presidential election campaign.

In a video via his Twitter handle, Trump shared updates regarding his health. He was hospitalised on Friday after contracting novel coronavirus. “I feel much better now. We are working hard to get me all the way back. I have to be back because we still have to make America great again,” Trump said.

“I’ll be back soon and I look forward to finishing up the campaign,” the president added, saying “We are going to beat this coronavirus or whatever you’re gonna call it and we’re gonna beat it soundly.”
In a memorandum, Conley wrote, “The President was first diagnosed with COVID-19 on the evening of Thursday, October 1 and had received Regeneron’s antibody on Friday, October 2.”

“This morning while summarizing the President’s health, I incorrectly used the term ‘seventy-two hours’ instead of ‘day three’ and ‘forty-eight hours’ instead of ‘day two’ with regards to his diagnosis and the administration of the polyclonal antibody therapy,” he concluded.