Prabhas resumes shoot for ‘Bahubali 2’ after returning from Europe holiday trip

prabhasPrabhas has finally decided to go on a much deserved holiday after nearly three years of hard work for S.S. Rajamouli-directed ‘Bahubali’. The Telugu star along with a group of friends will soon head to Europe for a short trip.

“All of us who worked on the film (‘Bahubali’) deserve a holiday. I’m taking one too. I’ll be leaving to Europe shortly with a few friends from school and college. It’ll be two-week trip and once I return, we resume shoot of ‘Bahubali 2’,” Prabhas told.

Reportedly, Rajamouli too will be going on a holiday with his family soon.

Prabhas, who played dual characters in ‘Bahubali’, is extremely happy with the film’s success.

He credits the success to the film’s script.

“The script was bigger than all the actors in this film. A film will only work when the script is good. We stars only bring the script to life,” he said.

Nearly 40 percent of the second part in the franchise has already been shot.

“We resume shoot from September. I’m taking this break to rejuvenate myself for the shoot. I’m sure Rajamouli is going to make us go through another long schedule of gruelling shoot,” he said.

The second part of ‘Bahubali’ is slated for release in 2016.