RGV Deletes The Tweet,Behind is Nag !

n11RGV posted a tweet on Akhil which states that, the actor should not get married at this point of time when his career is in dilemma with his debut film Akhil bombed at box office.

“@AkhilAkineni8 Evn b4 a career off can’t understand why f**k u wanna land in marriage f**k but since am f**k i hope for her u not f**ed up,” he posted on twitter with use of cuss words throughout.

Interestingly, the director deleted the tweet shortly, which is first time act for him. Apparently, it was Nagarjuna who would have forced RGV to delete the tweet.

In fact, RGV respects Nagarjuna more than anybody else, since the Akkineni hero had given him life by giving first directorial chance with Shiva.

It seems like, RGV had immediately agreed when Nag told him to remove the contentious tweet.

RGV has this habit of attacking someone for any reason. And he doesn’t believe in marriage system, though he married once and divorced his wife for personal reasons