Naresh Movie Dayyam is in pre-profits?

1The actor’s upcoming film Intlo Deyyam Nakenti Bhayam first trailer had got mixed response and some expected this film to be another dud for Naresh.

However, things have been changed swiftly. As per inside sources, producer BVSN Prasad has pocketed table profits, prior to the film’s theatrical outing. Satellite business is said to have done for Rs 3 crores.
Actually, director G Nageswar Reddy made the film on a given budget of Rs 5 to 6 crores. So, half of the budget has been recovered through satellite business and distribution rights have also fetched good amounts.

This is a big achievement for a medium budget film and the pre-release business would have delighted Allari Naresh who is hoping to score commercial hit with the movie.

Fortunately, IDNB’s recently released second trailer has been well received and upraised expectations on the film. The trailer hinted that, the film is high on comedy and horror elements.