Virat used a knife and stabbed Shikhar

BBhcJETAccording to Fox Sports Australia Dhoni dissed the whole report and said that whoever had “leaked” the so-called incident should go work for Warner Bros or any other movie company as they had a great imagination.

“These are all stories you know. Marvel maybe, Warner Bros, somebody should pick up from this and make a nice movie out of this. I don’t know where it comes from. If someone from the team has actually told you this… his imagination is really brilliant and he should be working for one of the movie companies. He doesn’t deserve to be in our dressing room because he’s created something was not really there,” he said.
Dhoni added that such reports are great for tabloids to sell but the reality was that there had been no fight.

A report in The Hindustan Times had said that the fight had taken place on day 4 of the Gabba test.

Kohli was asked to bat ahead of Shikhar Dhawan and was soon bowled out. When he went back to the dressing room he blamed Dhawan for his dismissal and accused him of faking an injury.
The report noted, “The blame game started on his return to the dressing room. Kohli reportedly blamed Dhawan for his cheap dismissal and the latter responded, slamming speculation that he had chickened out. Dhawan reportedly told Kohli that he took pride in playing for the country. If his performance was not up to the mark, he would be willing to sit out, but will not take any insinuation that he faked injury.”

Apparently team director Ravi Shastri intervened to helped calm things down, added the report.

Even though Dhoni has come out to mock the report, the incident is unlikely to die down since Dhoni had himself commented that there was some “unrest” in the dressing room resulting from “lack of communication” over Shikhar’s injury.

As Firstpost had noted in this article “the drama inside the dressing room was triggered by overnight unbeaten batsman Shikhar Dhawan injuring his elbow during a practice session but revealing the extent of discomfort just before the day’s play was to start.” The Indians had to send Virat Kohli ahead of him but the batsman was informed of the change less than seven minutes before the visitors took the field.

Dhoni had then said, “The first session today was a big debacle for us. There was a lack of communication in our dressing room over whether Shikhar will go into bat or Virat. We did not handle that situation well…We were only able to give Virat 5-7 minutes to prepare and that created some unrest in the dressing room.”