Google Uses a Robot to Test Android Phones for Lag

chrome-touchLag on Android has been a problem for some time now; even if you’re using a flagship phone, and especially after you’re used it for a couple of months. Google plans to address this head on though, as per a Google Plus post by Francois Beaufort, a Chromium Evangelist at Google.

In the post, Beaufort has included a video titled Chrome Touchbot, that explains how Google uses a robot to test for lag.

The robot, manufactured by Finnish company OptoFidelity, measures the end-to-end latency of Android and Chrome OS devices, according to Beaufort’s post. The video, captured by a high-speed video camera shows how drawing a line on a screen is done in segments that fade in slowly.

The robot can identify lag, and then the team can determine if hardware or software problems are responsible for the issue. By doing this, Google has been able to identify, and address some of the problems of lag already, and it really has come a long way from where it was two years ago, or even one year ago. There’s still quite a way to go though, but hopefully, Google will be able to keep improving.