Anushka Sharma Slams Media On Being Called Distraction For Virat Kohli

anuBollywood actress Anushka Sharma said its “primitive to call me distraction and blame me for someone’s performance.” on being asked about asked about Virat Kohli’s distraction during the world cup matches.

In an interview, Anushka Sharma made a clearance from her side that her boyfriend Virat Kohli should not be responsible for his on field performances during the matches.

She said, why should I be responsible for Virat’s performance on the field? The guys eat and breathe cricket, please treat them as adults”. My relationship with the person has nothing to do with my profession nor his profession”, she added.

Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli have maintained a secret relationship and currently they have kept their relationship away from each other till he World Cup 2015 does not end.

Actress Anushka Sharma spoke on this when BCCI took the step that no player will be allowed to travel or share room with his partner. Not only that, but the girlfriends and wives of the players are not even allowed to stay in the same hotel.

BCCI took this step just to avoid all the distraction during the Cricket World Cup which is scheduled to take place in Australia and New Zealand.