Mohanlal calls for need to urgently end stray dog menace

mohanlalMalayalam superstar Mohanlal on Wednesday raised his voice to deal with the stray dog menace. He has pitched in calling for the need to urgently resolve the issue.

He said, “I am someone who loves dogs. But the scenes at night will scare any dog lover. Around 30 to 40 dogs would be roaming around. They run behind vehicles at times. Imagine the condition of those who are walking or living on the street. Everyone is pushing Malayalis into this dangerous situation with the rule that dogs cannot be killed.

Meanwhile, animal right activists have written to HRD minister Smriti Irani protesting Bhopal Science Institute Registrar’s suggestion to the Kerala government that stray dogs be exported to countries like China.

IISER registrar KV Satya Murthy had written to the Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy with the suggestion that strays be exported to countries like Indonesia, Korea, Mexico and Taiwan where there is demand for dog meat. Murthy’s suggestion had sparked a widespread debate.