Surya’s S3 Movie Teaser:Title Small Sounds Big

s11Third edition of Suriya’s most succesful franchise Singham is gearing up for release in December. First look teaser of S3 makes it very clear of what to expect from it.

The teaser is fully loaded with high octane action scenes and chase sequences. Loud dialogues that are most common with the franchise are three times louder now.

Anushka and Shruti takes care of the glamour department. Suriya is looking fitter and ferocious with his Singham’s signature handlebar moustache

But makers of Suriya’s S3 seem to have forgotten this conveniently. The threequel in Singham franchise, the movie has been christened as S3 and naturally it hasn’t gone well with the actor’s fans.

Even the title of the star’s last film 24 wasn’t a good idea but it somehow managed to pull it off in Telugu whereas the film tanked in Tamil. So, one has to see how S3 would really fare. Also, the film’s teaser that released yesterday is being criticized for its loud and over-the-top action scenes.

Amidst this, Suriya’s fans are really worried on how the film would reaches to masses who are main target for the film.