Naruda DONORuda Movie Review

n1MOVIE:Naruda DONORuda
 Cast: Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Tanikella Bharani, Sri Lakshmi and Others
Directed by: Mallik Ram
Produced by: Y. Supriya, John Sudheer
Banner: Rama Reels
Music by: Sri Charan Pakala
Release Date: 2016-11-04

Naruda DONORuda Movie Review

Naruda Donoruda is a remake of Bollywood adult comedy Vicky Donor. The original was a critically acclaimed hit for its bold content and charming humor. Many thought of remaking it in Telugu but finally Sumanth has done it. Even though Sumanth did his best to pull this off, Naruda Donoruda suffered due to budget constraints.

What is it about?
Dr. Anjaneyulu (Tanikella) who runs an infertility clinic finds Vicky (Sumanth) to be the best possible bet to be successful. Initially Vicky is reluctant to be a sperm donor, but he gets convinced and starts making money. He falls in love with Aashima Roy (Pallavi) and marries her, but keeps his profession a secret. She comes to know about it later and breaks up with Vicky. How the couple unite forms rest of the story.

Sumanth did a fine job given his limitations as an actor. He is not known for doing comedic roles, but managed to pull it off to an extent. Pallavi Subhash is a fine actress. Tanikella Bharani steals the show with his impeccable comedy timing. Sri Lakshmi and Suman Setty played supporting roles.


Mallik Ram stayed loyal to the original script. He didn’t tweak or made any notable changes to it. His direction is pretty ordinary though. Humor and emotions could have been dealt well. Director does a mediocre job despite having strong content in hands.

Music doesn’t make any impact. Most of the songs come as a part of the narration but none are worth remembering or revisiting. Cinematography is bad. The film is made on a very low budget and the constraints are evident on the screen. Dialogues are good. There are a few funny one-liners that will leave you in splits.

Thumbs Up:


Tanikella Bharani

Thumbs Down:


Production values


Vicky Donor was a charming film with fine performances and intelligent humor. It had a solid script and director Shoojit Sircar executed it perfectly. Sperm donation and infertility is a serious issue but is still considered taboo in Indian society. Sircar along with his team made a fun film with a ‘shocking’ subject.

Naruda Donoruda sticks with the original script, but fails to retain the soul. Everything seems artificial and gives us a feeling that everybody is acting as per instructions. Films like these don’t work if the setup looks artificial. Tanikella Bharani with his vast experience tried to save it, but his performance alone couldn’t lift Naruda Donoruda.

First half is fun in parts, but the second half turns extremely melodramatic and heavy. That coupled with a predictable ending will leave you so exhausted that Naga Chaitanya’s cameo also fails to excite. Production values are so poor that it looks like a television serial at times. We expect better production values from a production house that is associated with Annapurna Studios.