YS Jagan At ‘Jai Andhra Pradesh’ Meeting

j1The Opposition leader in AP Assembly, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, has decided to bring to fore, what he believes the growing public grouse against Chief Chandrababu Naidu rule.
It was learned the opposition leader has decided to wage no bounds war against the government using its failure in getting Special Category Status (SCS) to the State and other actions of commission and omissions of the government.
According to party sources, the party president has decided to have a series of 5 public meeting under ‘jai Andhra Pradesh’ banner and party leaders announced first public meeting in Visakhapatnam on November 6.
The party believes, that there was no other best option than SCS to rouse sentiments and through public meetings the party wishes to project party chief Jagan as the sole champion of the cause.
The Opposition leader also have plans to damage Chief Minister and government image by educating the people on how the Chief Minister compromised with Centre on the issue, at the cost of State interests.
He wants to explain to the people the   benefits of SCS and how the State will deprived of its rightful share in central funds and other benefits in the absence of SCS. However while welcoming the move, the political analysts feel it is too early to assess the outcome at least for now.