GPS Teaser- Proud Moment for NBK Fans

As director Krishh promised a capable subject for NBK star stature, it looks like the not just the Nandamuri fans, in fact entire Telugu cinema audience, will remember ‘Gautami Putra Satakarni’ (GPS) for many years to come. The much awaited teaser is finally on Internet and kicks off with following lines by Nandamuru  Balakrishna – “Vishranthi ledu…Viramam ledu…”

True to his promise, the filmmaker has delivered a stellar and first teaser for this historical action film boast some spectacular visuals. In his first appearance as Satakarni, it clearly appears how much effort Balayya has put in to play the Satavahana ruler. It’s only quite possible for him, who has had such an illustrious career, versatile roles and extreme veneration for Telugu folklore.

The Nandamuri actor’s energy in dialogues, sword fights and horse ride undoubtedly deserve a special mention. Shriya Saran is playing Rani Vashishta Devi in the film and she failed to find a spot in teaser. And it ends on a high note with Nandamuri Balakrishna’s dialogue, “Samayamu Ledu Mithramaa , Sharanamaa? Ranamaa?” this was an gps telugu Movie Teaser